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This page briefly summarizes my teaching activities at different higher education institutions. Semester specifications use the following abbreviations:

  • W: Winter Semester
  • S: Summer Semester

Vienna University of Technology

2008W - 2012W

Distributed Systems

2008S - 2011S

Advanced Distributed Systems

2009S - 2010S

Distributed Systems Technologies

2008W - 2010W

Web Engineering

2008W - 2010W

Practical Work (Projektpraktikum, Informatikpraktikum I und II)

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna

2014S - ongoing


2010S - ongoing

Software Architectures and Middleware Technologies

2007W - ongoing

Distributed Systems

2018W - 2020W

Scientific Writing

2007W - 2020W

Scientific Work

2008S - 2009S

Distributed Components and Middleware

University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna

2018W - ongoing

Dependable and Scalable Infrastructures

2013S - ongoing

Distributed Systems

2012W - ongoing


2009W - 2018W

Dependable Distributed Systems

2006S - 2008W

Distributed Systems and Middleware I + II

University of Applied Sciences Joanneum

2007S - 2008S

Messaging Design

2006W - 2007W

Distributed Computing